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Don’t Like That Old Car Taking Up Space In Your Garage?


Have you been exhausted of searching out the best old/scrap vehicle wreckers in Adelaide? Don’t like that old/scrap car taking up space in your garage? Obviously, it doesn’t only occupy space on our property but also makes us stressed with its repair fortune costs. Right? The Wait is over now!! Adwreck – Adelaide’s biggest automotive Recyclers since 1998!! We assure you that here, you would make more money for any vehicle than your expectations. Having more than 15 years old/scrap/flood-damaged car? Not a big deal for us!!

At Adwreck, you don’t need to hesitate for asking any condition of the car. Whatever the condition of your vehicle is, we definitely offer you top cash up to $9,999. As you are dealing with one of the largest Adwreck Car Wreckers which are especially famous for its reliability and honesty. So, would you like to deal with such a company? Of course, yes!! Truly, you will never regret choosing this company later and that’s our 100% guarantee with triple assurance!!


Request for Free Online Quote of Scrap Car at 0870 719 218 and further discuss the next step!!


Eco-friendly vehicle Disposing and Recycling


The company has a team of dedicated professionals and highly skilled experts who have in-depth knowledge of the wrecking and recycling industry and serving best to the community. Adwreck Recycling and Wrecking services have a 100% record of client satisfaction for their high-quality services. Moreover, we are a licensed and insured company and work under the Adelaide standards. Our company has a full contribution to make surroundings green…

Luckily, you are going to deal with the company, that has special equipment to deal with the dismantling and recycling process. Briefly, the process begins with the removal of engine fluids, followed by the removal of useable parts, and then next is selling scrap metals to metal recycling companies. Furthermore, spare parts are being sold in the second-hand market of auto parts. The whole process is pollution-free from beginning to end.


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Free Car Removal Adelaide Wide – No Upper Limit Charges


Adelaide cash for written for cars offers free car removals in all suburbs. In our whole services of cash for scrap cars, we never ask you to pay a single penny for any services. We have zero cost services with no obligations, unlike dodgy companies. Our team will take care of all documents and paperwork. Prepared yourself to sell your car in just 24 hours. With plenty of details, you can sell your scrap car to us over one phone call.

Curious for Top Cash? Let’s Discuss the Process to Contact us


Unfortunately, the process of the company for about 15 to 20 minutes only. It begins with just one phone call. Let’s figure out the whole process-


  • Call us or Fill Our Enquiry Form –
    Do you want to discuss the details of your vehicle or want to know the worth? So, call us at 0870 719 218 with few details of your car and then, one based on details we offer you top cash. Make sure, to be honest with your details.
  • Like our Offer? Then, Schedule Car Removal –
    Let us know the acceptance or rejection of your car so that, we can schedule car removal. In case, you need some time to think over it. Then, please let us know. We always cooperate with you!!
  • Money in Your Bank –
    In the end, the process end-up with the high dollars in your account on the same day of removal. Enjoy your junk car removal and plan to invest top cash into some projects.


Why Choose Us?


  • We buy any make, model or age
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Instant and speedy cash on the spot
  • Friendly vehicle valuation Team
  • Free Car Removal Adelaide Wide
  • No Hidden costs


Looking to sell your caravans in Australia? Learn more about the process of instant quotes.

Be Cautious About Odometer Fraud While Purchasing A Second-Hand Car!

There are various factors that individuals take into consideration before they purchase a second-hand car. Although there are many aspects of the car that potential buyers check before buying a car, there are many fraudulent ways in which sellers may deceive the buyers into purchasing a less efficient car, at a price that is higher than its value.

It is possible because the purchasers are not aware of the plots the sellers use to get rid of a faulty car.

One such way is by deceiving the buyer about the odometer reading. An odometer is a device that is inbuilt in the car and helps to measure the distance that the vehicle has covered. The sellers often tamper with the reading to show that the vehicle is new and did not come into use much.

Although such practices are criminal offences against the law, it does not prevent the sellers from cheating the purchasers. Manipulating the odometer reading has become even more rampant with the development of the digital odometers in the latest cars. 

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Ways To Identify Instances Of Odometer Tampering:

In old cars that have low mileage –

  • The number dials might have gaps or be crooked
  • Signs of a hasty repair job and damage in the dashboard area
  • Despite being a low mileage car, the steering wheel and shifter have undergone a lot of wear and tear

In new cars with digital odometers –

  • Signs of damage, wear and tear
  • If the car looks old yet shows a lower mileage

Services like CARFAX can come into use to get a report on the previous use of the vehicle, since the time it was registered. It also includes an odometer check tool to identify false odometer readings.

The potential buyer should take a close and careful look at the title for the car. It will also provide the buyer with the correct manufacturing date of the vehicle.

Study of the repair and maintenance records of the vehicle will also give the buyer a clear idea of how often the car requires repairs and what damages to expect in the vehicle.

digital odometer work

Tampering with the odometer reading, while selling an old car, is a severe offence. A buyer who realizes that they have been subject to such fraud can file a complaint against the seller. The seller can then get punishments as per the law, and the government also levies a certain amount of fines on the sellers for such offences.

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If you have an old car that you want to sell, you can contact Adwreck company. This firm deals with the wreck and old, scrap and junk cars removals service. Former cars owners can sell their vehicles to the company in exchange for a reasonable price.

The owners need to inform the firm that they want to sell their car. The firm will make all the necessary arrangements to assess the car, provide pick up services to remove the car and make cash payments to the seller, immediately at the time of the car removal.

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The Best Way To How To Sell Your Car

Selling your car can often be a hard way. You could drive around your city to meet different ‘car buyers’ and find out what each will offer you for your prized possession. Alternatively, you could offer your present car as a part trade for a brand new vehicle or attempt a private sale.

The difficulty with an auto part exchange is you will only ever collect what the used car buyer company is prepared to offer you which may not be the full worth of your Vehicle.

If you try to exchange your car through a private sale, you could spend money on ads and wait for potential buyers to call, but there is no certainty anyone will call or that they are critical about buying. Why experience that when it’s not hard to discover a trusted company that pays cash for cars.

Is There A Better Way To Sell?


If you are want to sell your scrap car fast and without the hassle of expanding hours driving around the different dealers, you should look for a firm that offers cash for cars. Find a salvage yard who will come to you with the cash payment instead of constraining you to visit them.

Envision the advantages of being a money buyer on your next Vehicle. Then again of squandering your time deal over the estimation of your present vehicle, you could stroll into the showroom and pay money for the car you need.


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Having the cash as of now in your grasp implies that you are allowed to buy another vehicle from any vehicle seller you wish as opposed to being compelled to go with whoever will give you the most for your current vehicle.

cash for car adelaide

Will Someone Guarantee To Buy Your Vehicle?


Look for a company that provides not only the best worth of your Vehicle but also complies with a local presence to ensure the standard and the safe delivery of their services. This is important because not only will a high amount of money be changing hands, but their experts will be coming to your location.

You must be assured that they will attend a time and place to suitable you and that they will carry on expertly all through all aspects of the experience.


What Happens Once The Car Is Sold?


Once the quotes have been agreed on, and you have received the payment, the company will legally own the Vehicle, and they will arrange for its removal. Broken car removal is one of the most significant benefits of selling your Vehicle in this way.

Instead of picking your car to the buyer and having to walk back home, the car removals company will collect the car the same day from your workplace or home that suits you.

Carcashiers says the value of any unwanted or wrecked car is only evaluated with the current market prices of scrap iron. So it is very hard to find a comparison of any vehicles that comes in second-hand condition. However, selling any vehicles, REGO matters in Australia so unregistered vehicles are hard to sell to further use. Most of the Australian states have their policies for unregistered vehicles and everybody is well aware of that. So people always prefer to wrecker to sell such vehicles free of mind. Deal with wrecking yard which is legal and registered will never give you any hassle in the future. They always break the cars into parts so no matter of reselling.

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